3D printing companies and services in the UK
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3D printing companies and services in the UK

on Nov 25 2014 , 13:43:22

One of the main reasons why we set up the 3D printing map together with Mappedly was to provide information about 3D printing services around the world from one source, regardless of your specific geographical location. Another reason was to give a helping hand to many small businesses that are enthusiastically trying to bring 3D printing to the people in their local communities. As the map shows, 3D printing is a lot more than just 3D Systems and Stratasys.

Here a list of 3D printing services in the UK. Did we forget you? Put your place of business on the map!


FabLab Cardiff

FabLab Cardiff is open for people to ‘make almost anything’. It is equipped with technologies for 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl plotting, CNC milling, CAD, PCB manufacture, electronics and programing.



PrintME 3D is all about utilising 3D Printing Technology to bring the 3D Printing Revolution to everyone’s doorstep. We want to make 3D Printing as accessible and as affordable as possible and understand the importance of making the complex simple, providing innovative solutions, offering friendly & helpful advice and delivering great customer care.


We are makersCAFE, half maker-space, half cafe dedicated to changing the face of manufacturing through an approachable, engaging and personalized service. Located in Shoreditch, the heart of London’s creative community, we provide 3D printing and laser-cutting expertise to anyone from the digital-whizz kid to the inherently curious.

Hyground Consulting 

With their  broad network of research and technology partnerships, industry and client expertise, Hyground unique expert technical, strategic and commercial consultations, introductory and bespoke advisory services. Guidance on optimization and implementation of Additive Manufacturing for business applications.



LetsPrint3D sells 3D printers, scanners and consumables.


3D Quick Printing

At 3D Quick Printing, we are a young, dynamic 3D printing service bureau where customer care and satisfaction is at the very heart of everything we do. From the moment you send us your inquiry to a couple of days later receiving your 3D printed part our goal is to make your experience dealing with 3D Quick Printing a GREAT experience.


Pimoroni Ltd

Pimoroni manufacture electronics and make cases for the Raspberry Pi.

Machineworks Ltd

The Polygonica toolkit provides polygon modelling component software for industries such as CAD/CAM/CAE, CFD, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, 3D movies and gaming, GIS and other 3D digital applications.


DoES Liverpool

We are a makerspace and co-working space in the heart of Liverpool city centre, with a variety of different residents, from the technical to the technophobic. We offer a friendly atmosphere for you to work in, and plenty of fun toys for you to work with.

Isle of Tiree

Tiree Tech Wave

A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland. Tiree Tech Wave meets twice a year in spring and autumn and is involved in various island-based projects at other times.


The 3D Print House

The company is a shop fronted 3D printing bureau where you can come in, see printers printing and see the quality of the work on the shelves. The services include design, scanning, advice and of course 3D printing.


HiETA Technologies

Bristol based HiETA Technology delivers advanced engineering solutions design by its team of PhD engineering experts in design and additive manufacturing including Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and 3D Printing.



Premium Brand Distributor of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and consumables.



A small start-up specializing in high quality 3D printing. Particularly interested in printing 3D art that was not originally designed for 3D printing, as well as architecture and engineering projects.


Join the 3D printing community here.



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