Janey Davies

Janey Davies


Janey Davies is a UK-based writer and has a particular passion for new and exciting tech innovations such as 3D printing. She is also the head contributor at Shoppersbase.com, where she gives consumers unbiased information regarding the latest shopping trends. She has also published on many other consumer led sites.

Latest from Janey Davies

Oct 24,2014
Shapeways helps startup make 3D game models
3D printing has been responsible for many industry firsts, and increasingly we’re seeing it lead to the creation of new companies. Joshua Bennett want...
Oct 23,2014
Man helps save wife’s life with 3D printing
One man’s love, devotion and 3D printing expertise culminated in his wife’s life-saving surgery in mid May of this year. Michael Balzer wa...
Oct 22,2014
How does 3D printing work in space?
In mid September NASA launched a resupply capsule, the SpaceX Dragon with a 3D printer onboard, to the International Space Station (ISS). Since then w...
Japanese man arrested for making a 3D printed gun
The first arrest over 3D printed weapons has been made in Japan, a country with very strict firearm laws. Police officers raided the home of a 27 year...
Oct 20,2014
Houses of the future could be 3D printed from mud
We’ve written about how 3D printing has not made a significant impact on construction. It seems this may be changing. One company has not only taken t...
Creating an exact replica of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb with 3D printing
3D printing has come to the rescue of the ancient burial chamber of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The chamber, which is over 3,000 years old, was at risk o...
Oct 17,2014
The $150 3D printed device that can open a safe in no time
3D printing is often used for the benefit of society, with innovative leaps in the medical field not only improving but saving people’s lives. H...
Oct 15,2014
3D printed 'Quake Column' built to withstand earthquakes
One industry that hasn’t benefited immensely from the emerging technology of 3D printing is construction. Despite some innovative projects, name...
Oct 13,2014
3D printed gun makes and shoots paper airplanes
With all the recent controversy over the manufacturing of 3D printed guns, it’s refreshing to see that for one inventor, guns can be just be fun...
Nike says 3D Printing is crucial to the company's growth
3D printing in manufacturing is increasing and many household brands, such as Nike have started looking into the many possibilities offered by 3D prin...