Business Opportunity with the NAVY for 3D Printing Insiders
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Business Opportunity with the NAVY for 3D Printing Insiders

on Jun 9 2014 , 12:58:45

On April 9, we covered a story on U.S. Navy and Coast Guard officials publicly stating that 3D printing could soon be incorporated into their services. Less than three weeks after that, the Navy had permanently installed a large 3D printer on one of its amphibious assault warships – the USS Essex. Now, the Navy’s Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has shown even further interest in the capabilities of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

NAVAIR has announced it will hold an industry day for additive manufacturing and conduct in-depth market research to see how the technology can be implemented with its goals and strategies.

“Utilizing AM Technology has the potential to significantly improve our system capabilities, readiness, and support.   We are interested in pursuing cooperative R&D demonstrations with industry to improve AM technology and demonstrate AM applicability to NAVAIR platforms and systems,” says NAVAIR.

The industry day will be held on July 24 in Solomons, MD, the location of NAVAIR’s support equipment facility. Additive manufacturing companies and experts can sign up until June 30 to have the chance at a one-on-one briefing with NAVAIR officials.

According to the governmental federal business opportunities site FedBizOpps.gov, this is a potential business opportunity for industry insiders, 3D printer manufacturers and researchers in the field to develop partnerships with the Navy.

“During the remainder of 2014 and 2015, the NAVAIR AM IPT will be refining the Additive Manufacturing Roadmap and conducting market analyses for AM capability demonstrations and will start a series of “one on one” briefings within the industry,” says NAVAIR.

It continues: “The intent of the “one on one” briefings will be to foster awareness of the state of the art in industry AM capabilities and performance so that AM can be considered for integration into existing systems or for capability enhancements during system support, modification, or modernization.”

Shanie Phillips is a originally from the UK, but has spent many years in Singapore, the US and now Israel. In addition to writing for Inside3DP she writes for several news and innovation sites.

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