Inside3DP Exclusive: Meet the 3D printing hobbyist who printed a Ducati
Nicole Hyman
It’s when you see what’s possible with 3D printing that the technology really comes alive. And with more and more home users getting their hands on a desktop 3D printer, ...
Oct 23,2014
Medical breakthrough: Man helps save wife’s life with 3D printing
Janey Davies
One man’s love, devotion and 3D printing expertise culminated in his wife’s life-saving surgery in mid May of this year. Michael Balzer was told that his wife...
Oct 23,2014
This startup wants you to wear 3D printed clothing
Aaron Rowley
Just over a year ago, my friends and I found ourselves enamored with the idea of 3D printed clothing. The idea was wild, daunting, and romantic. We wondered — would we on...
Oct 23,2014


Introducing the 3D Printing Community Map
Dennis Mitzner | Oct 22,2014
We are happy to announce our new global 3D printing map, created in partnership with Mappe...
The 3D printing industry needs more service-oriented businesses
Maro Sciacchitano | Oct 22,2014
For all the attention it gets, 3D printing is an infant industry. Industry analysts put th...
How does 3D printing work in space?
Janey Davies | Oct 22,2014
In mid September NASA launched a resupply capsule, the SpaceX Dragon with a 3D printer onb...