3D printed shoes steal limelight at Miss America pageant
Janey Davies
3D printed fashion items aren’t known to be comfortable to wear. And when you get designers admitting that their creations aren’t suitable for everyday use, I think...
Sep 30,2014
China to unveil 3D printing industry plan
Dennis Mitzner
According to a Chinese news site, China is expected to unveil a detailed 3D printing plan by the end of the year. 3D printing is one of the fastest growing industries glo...
Sep 30,2014
How to get started with 3D printing as a manufacturing company?
Matthias Baldinger
GE is 3D printing fuel nozzles of jet engines, dental labs are 3D printing crowns and bridges and various companies are thinking about 3D printing spare parts. Today, 3D ...
Sep 30,2014


3D printed medical marijuana inhaler is the first of its kind
Shanie Phillips | Sep 30,2014
3D printing has had a major impact on the medical industry with various applications and t...
Could India be the next 3D printing hub?
Amit Arora | Sep 29,2014
India, a place where Snake Charmers and Elephants Riders once lived, is changing at a rapi...
Stratasys taking applicants for 3D printing CAD challenge
Shanie Phillips | Sep 29,2014
Calling all budding engineers, mechanics, architects, designers and 3D printing enthusiast...