Meet the maker whose 3D printed Jack-O-Lantern will make your Halloween
Nicole Hyman
As part of our newly launched Meet the Maker series, we asked Louise Driggers, a Texas-based 3D artist and model maker about her fascinating 3D printed work and got her t...
Oct 31,2014
Bristol engineer creates low-cost 3D printed bionic hand
Janey Davies
A Reading man born without a right hand told reporters that his new 3D printed hand ‘fitted like a glove’ last week. 23 year-old Daniel Melville saw an appeal...
Oct 31,2014
DIY bio challenge: Fighting Ebola with open source digital fabrication
Boris Kogan
In the emerging DIY bio movement, the maker community is taking its DIY approach to biological experimentation and biotech. The idea is that you can apply the open-source...
Oct 30,2014


Why is 3D printing such a powerful way to make solid objects?
René van Corven | Oct 30,2014
To answer this question we first have to ask another: “In what ways can the shape of a sol...
Putting the Printrbot metal 3D printer to the test: Metal 3D printing a rook
Daniel Brown | Oct 29,2014
Recently I decided to test the ability of the Printrbot Metal at hitting low layer heights...
3D printing and patents: IP law and the next disruptive technology
Bryan J. Vogel | Oct 29,2014
Inventions in and around 3D printing just keep coming, and the pace seems to be picking up...