5 fast ones on 3D printing
Sidhant Pai
1) By 2016, I think bioprinting vital organs will become a viable option (at least at a few select institutes) and will spark a larger debate about the ethics involved in...
Nov 21,2014
The ultimate guide to 3D printing in 2015: Printing human organs
Dennis Mitzner
Make magazine’s Anderson Ta talks about SLA printers and the challenges of bioprinting organic human tissues....
Nov 21,2014
3D printing predictions for 2015
Philippe Chiasson
1. The biggest advancement in 3D printing in 2016 will be large companies entering the market. HP has already announced that they will be launching a 3D printer by 2016, ...
Nov 20,2014


One size fits none: How 3D printing technology will change the shoe industry
Anna Malkan | Nov 20,2014
There’s a lot of hype around 3D printing, but for people outside the industry, hype is oft...
How to recognize bias in 3D printer reviews
Preet Jesrani | Nov 19,2014
While additive manufacturing aka 3D Printing technology has been around since the 1980R...
Thanks to 3D printing miniatures aren’t dead ... yet
Mike Grauer Jr. | Nov 19,2014
In your favorite movie back before computer graphics were economical, handmade miniatures ...