3D Selfie Providers: This program is for you
Sandra Canning
2014 was truly “The Year of the #Selfie”.  Bradley Cooper’s 2014 Oscars selfie was Twitter’s most retweeted post of all time. According to Yahoo, 1 trillion selfies were ...
May 29,2015
2015 Power of Play Gaming Conference and 3D Printing
Mike Grauer Jr.
Recently there was a small gaming conference that happened in Bellevue Washington, called the 2015 Power of Play Conference. The Power of Play [PoP] is an annual conferen...
May 26,2015
Will IKEA products someday assemble themselves?
Itai Levitan
Ikea product assembly – do you love it or hate it? Most people put in a lot of manual labor when making things. You still have got to be somewhat of a DIY individua...
May 25,2015


Let's print a Tattoo
Edo Jacob | May 17,2015
Your friends will ask you. “Nice tat, did you get that done by hand or printed?”. It was a matte...
Strooder. A filament extruder by OmniDynamics
Edo Jacob | May 12,2015
With their Strooder filament extruder that debuted on Kickstarter last year, the guys at UK based OmniDynami...
Print your city in 3D with CAD Mapper
Edo Jacob | May 7,2015
  CAD Mapper is a nifty tool to make a Three-Dimensional CAD file of anywhere you want on earth. When y...


Sandra Canning | May 29,2015
Sandra Canning May 29,2015
Mike Grauer Jr. | May 26,2015
Mike Grauer Jr. May 26,2015
Itai Levitan | May 25,2015
Itai Levitan May 25,2015
Edo Jacob | May 17,2015
Edo Jacob May 17,2015
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Edo Jacob May 12,2015
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Edo Jacob May 7,2015
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