3D Printing Up 67% in Google Searches
Itai Levitan
This has certainly been a good 30-day period for 3D printing, as the topic gradually moves away from the aficionados-only realm and into public interest, with elevated Go...
Aug 22,2015
Architecture Awaits Disruption!
Itai Levitan
One the most intriguing field of application for 3D printing is architecture. The real-life possibilities of constructing entire buildings and quite possibly solving the ...
Aug 13,2015
BigRep's new ONE prints your large-scale 3D objects up to 400 % faster
Itai Levitan
Berlin, August 10, 2015. This fall, BigRep will start shipping the third generation of the worldwide successful BigRep ONE printer.   The new BigRep ONE has many new feat...
Aug 10,2015


3D Printed Pills - Coming Soon?
Itai Levitan | Aug 4,2015
This week sees an exciting leap forward for 3D printing as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve...
3D Printing Startups: Voxel8’s Desktop 3D Printer and the Future of Printing ‘Functional Materials’
Itai Levitan | Jul 30,2015
As 3D printing develops, more and more 3D printing startups are starting to explore real-world implementatio...
CNN Explains: 3-D printing
Itai Levitan | Jul 28,2015
What is 3D Printing? We still get asked this, so decided to refer to a good ol’ video that does a wond...


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