5 Interesting developments for 3D printing in 2015
Mike Grauer Jr.
2014 has been an exciting year in 3D printing, both for the desktop and the industrial and commercial worlds alike. 1. Patents 2015 won’t be any less exciting or dramatic...
Dec 18,2014
50 Microns with the Printrbot? First Attempt
Daniel Brown
This is a quick blog documenting something I tested today almost purely to test the ability of the Printrbot Metal at hitting low layer heights. Previously I have never d...
Dec 16,2014
Crowdsource 3D Printer Owners and Hubs to Benefit Your Community
Preet Jesrani
Since 2009 we have seen additive manufacturing race to our desktops. A number of startups started with the goal of offering for the first time, attainable and affordable ...
Dec 15,2014


Top 5 3D Printer Filament Companies in North America
Dennis Mitzner | Dec 11,2014
3D Printing filament is the blood in the veins of your printer. It’s important to kn...
3D printing companies and services in New York
Dennis Mitzner | Dec 10,2014
So far we haven’t witnessed a surge in 3D printing services in the Big Apple. Unlike...
6 3D scanner services around the world
Dennis Mitzner | Dec 9,2014
1. DAVID Laserscanner (Germany) DAVID can create 360° scans by combining single scans (vie...