Japanese man arrested for making a 3D printed gun
Janey Davies
The first arrest over 3D printed weapons has been made in Japan, a country with very strict firearm laws. Police officers raided the home of a 27 year-old college employe...
Oct 21,2014
Here's how to get quality prints regardless of the 3D printer you use
Philippe Chiasson
When it comes to 3D printing there is a lot of discussion about which printer is the best. Anyone who has browsed the internet looking for a filament based printer (also ...
Oct 21,2014
The world's first 'crowd fabricated' 3D printed chair
Matthijs de Deugd
Joris Laarman Lab has developed the world’s first crowd fabricated open source 3D printable chair. Joris Laarman Lab, an experimental playground, set up to study an...
Oct 20,2014


Houses of the future could be 3D printed from mud
Janey Davies | Oct 20,2014
We’ve written about how 3D printing has not made a significant impact on construction. It ...
Mini Maker Faire Hong Kong: 3D printing e-NABLE hands with MakerJam
Joris Peels | Oct 20,2014
The coolest thing at the recent Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire was a MakerJam featuring an e-N...
3D printed replica of the Pharaoh's tomb
Janey Davies | Oct 19,2014
3D printing has come to the rescue of the ancient burial chamber of the Pharaoh Tutankhamu...