3D Printing - The New Service Direct Culture
Dennis Mitzner
Most transitions caused by three-dimensional additive manufacturing will not radically transform their industrial sectors. Rather, they’ll simply add a new dimensio...
Mar 25,2015
3D printing helps Volvo cut costs
Amit Arora
I strongly feel every Manufacturing company should move over from conventional prototyping methods and embrace 3d printing as it does have a huge advantage over older met...
Mar 22,2015
Swimming With 3D Printed Sharks
John Hauer
For many years I hosted Super Bowl parties. We had great times, but I rarely watched the game, much less the commercials or halftime show. This year was different. We sat...
Mar 19,2015


Bentley Motors uses Stratasys technology to test car parts
Amit Arora | Mar 18,2015
Bentley Motors is a world famous manufacturer of high performance cars. The company was fo...
Multimaterial 3D printing to disrupt the Italian fashion industry?
Amit Arora | Mar 16,2015
We all have known 3D printing and its endless limits now 3D printing has come up with some...
Golf equipment manufacturer announces 3D printed putter
Amit Arora | Mar 15,2015
While 3D printers are obviously very capable of 3D printing toys, I would generally not as...