Canadian company set to launch a new 3D modeling tool
Edo Jacob
3Dponics Inc. is set to launch, a next-generation 3D-modeling tool that features a number of new and exciting functionalities that give users complete creat...
Mar 5,2015
Preaching the gospel of 3D printing Down Under
Dennis Mitzner
Based in Maddingley, Australia, the founder and CEO of The 3D Printer, Dion Parsons gave Inside3DP an interview about the company and its goals. “I started working ...
Mar 4,2015
This 3D printing company offers CAD, 3D printer solutions and training in Finland
Dennis Mitzner
Founded by Antti Sulkanen, 3D printing (or 3D tulostus in Finnish) service AN-Cadsolutions is an authorized re-seller of Felix and Blueprinter 3D-printers, Roland 3D mill...
Mar 3,2015


China opens a medical 3D Printing center
Amit Arora | Mar 2,2015
China may have been a late starter with 3D printing technology, but there are many signs t...
Amazon wants to patent its mobile, on demand 3D printing delivery trucks
Dennis Mitzner | Feb 27,2015
The eCommerce giant Amazon’s adventure with 3D printing continues as the company rec...
3D Printed Mass Customization
Preet Jesrani | Feb 26,2015
The combination of 3D printing and traditional mass production will make mass customizatio...