3D Printing Startups: Voxel8’s Desktop 3D Printer and the Future of Printing ‘Functional Materials’
Itai Levitan
As 3D printing develops, more and more 3D printing startups are starting to explore real-world implementations. One of the main directions in which this is going is elect...
Jul 30,2015
CNN Explains: 3-D printing
Itai Levitan
What is 3D Printing? We still get asked this, so decided to refer to a good ol’ video that does a wonderful job in explaining in simple terms what is 3D Printing. W...
Jul 28,2015
How Can 3D Printing Change Your Life?
Itai Levitan
Despite its stock entering over-sold territory in July 2015, 3D Systems is still in it for the long run. Many people have asked 3D Systems CEO, Avi Reichental, if there w...
Jul 8,2015


American Schools Embrace the ‘Manufacturing Lab of the 21st Century’
Itai Levitan | Jun 29,2015
The 3D Printing Revolution will change the world, one teenager at a time. An initiative to bring 3D printing...
Berlin. The Next Startup City?
Itai Levitan | Jun 13,2015
Germany would be proud to create the next Google or Facebook, but it might be looking in the wrong place. A ...
3D Selfie Providers: This program is for you
Sandra Canning | May 29,2015
2014 was truly “The Year of the #Selfie”.  Bradley Cooper’s 2014 Oscars selfie was Twitter’s most retweeted ...


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