Where the 3D printing revolution falls short and how to fix it
Dave Evans
My background is in mechanical engineering, specifically around manufacturing. In 2012, I was brought on as the first hire at Ford’s research lab in Silicon Valley to hel...
Oct 24,2014
Shapeways helps 3D printing startup bring DnD figures to life
Janey Davies
3D printing has been responsible for many industry firsts, and increasingly we’re seeing it lead to the creation of new companies. Joshua Bennett wanted to buy miniatures...
Oct 24,2014
Inside3DP Exclusive: Meet the 3D printing hobbyist who printed a Ducati
Nicole Hyman
It’s when you see what’s possible with 3D printing that the technology really comes alive. And with more and more home users getting their hands on a desktop 3D printer, ...
Oct 23,2014


Medical breakthrough: Man helps save wife’s life with 3D printing
Janey Davies | Oct 23,2014
One man’s love, devotion and 3D printing expertise culminated in his wife’s li...
This startup wants you to wear 3D printed clothing
Aaron Rowley | Oct 23,2014
Just over a year ago, my friends and I found ourselves enamored with the idea of 3D printe...
Introducing the 3D Printing Community Map
Dennis Mitzner | Oct 22,2014
We are happy to announce our new global 3D printing map, created in partnership with Mappe...