Houses of the future could be 3D printed from mud
Janey Davies
We’ve written about how 3D printing has not made a significant impact on construction. It seems this may be changing. One company has not only taken this industry head on...
Oct 20,2014
Mini Maker Faire Hong Kong: 3D printing e-NABLE hands with MakerJam
Joris Peels
The coolest thing at the recent Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire was a MakerJam featuring an e-NABLE booth. A group of Hong Kong entrepreneurs, students and engineers held a 72...
Oct 20,2014
3D printed replica of the Pharaoh's tomb
Janey Davies
3D printing has come to the rescue of the ancient burial chamber of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The chamber, which is over 3,000 years old, was at risk of collapse and deter...
Oct 19,2014


This 3D printed gadget can crack the code of any safe
Janey Davies | Oct 17,2014
3D printing is often used for the benefit of society, with innovative leaps in the medical...
3D printing and the democratization of production
Amit Arora | Oct 17,2014
I know a lot of people who have wonderful ideas about products that could sell for a decen...
10 things you won't believe you can 3D print
Dennis Mitzner | Oct 16,2014
3D printing is a rapidly-evolving technology which is impacting daily life in innovative w...