Nick Clegg Reveals UK Investment in Indian 3D Printing Industry
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Nick Clegg Reveals UK Investment in Indian 3D Printing Industry

on Sep 3 2014 , 13:16:37

Between taking the role of scapegoat for David Cameron’s dodgy policies and having to accept the flack for going back on his election promises, Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Nick Clegg has had a rough time of late. But last week the DPM changed that slightly when he aligned himself with what is currently the hottest technology around, 3D printing.

Clegg was heading up a trade delegation in India, when he announced that Renishaw, a UK based global engineering company based in Wotton-under-Edge, would be making a sizable investment in a metal 3D printing centre in Pune, India.

Renishaw’s involvement is significant and means that India can now build its first metal 3D printing center. On the last day of the trade delegation, the DPM was accompanied by Renishaw director responsible for Indian Sales and Marketing operations, Rhydian Pountney.

“This major trade mission marks a turning point in the relationship between India and the UK, and I am delighted Rhydian Pountney of Renishaw was able to join me as part of the trade delegation,” said Clegg.

Renishaw began trading in India in 1983 and took a good ten years before they managed to establish a representative office in Bangalore. Since 2000 however, they have converted this into a wholly owned trading subsidiary, which makes them an ideal candidate for further investment and growth. In fact, it is this investment that reinforces Renishaw’s commitment to their continuing presence in India, which Clegg was keen to emphasize.

“Our links with India are among the strongest we have with any country and the openness to trade and investment promised by Prime Minister Modi drives us closer still to the new special relationship we have been aiming for since 2010,” said Clegg.

The Indian center will form part of Renishaw’s other technical centers, including existing locations in the UK, USA, China, Canada and Germany. Renishaw are also planning to expand with additional centres mapped for other locations around the world. The Indian center will house many of the company’s software engineers, who are experts in this field.

3D printing has been transforming many industries including health, the military, food and even construction. And to celebrate the occasion, Pountney presented Clegg with a metallic 3D printed replica of the firm’s 19th century Gloucester headquarters.

3D printed titanium replica

3D printed titanium scale replica of Renishaw’s 19th century hedquarters

“Our new Indian AM [Additive Manufacturing] technical center will be equipped with the latest products and will be staffed by our knowledgeable local team who are well versed in service, applications and process engineering. The thrust of the additive manufacturing technical centers is to create a platform on which to work in close partnership with our customers to help them realize the benefits of AM in their products and manufacturing processes,” said Pountney

At present, Renishaw is the only supplier of metal additive manufacturing machines in the UK, but with technology rapidly progressing, it probably won’t be long until other companies can manufacture similar types of machines. For now, Clegg appears to be happy enough with stronger links to old colonial allies (and the good press, of course).

Janey Davies is a UK-based writer and has a particular passion for new and exciting tech innovations such as 3D printing. She is also the head contributor at Shoppersbase.com, where she gives consumers unbiased information regarding the latest shopping trends. She has also published on many other consumer led sites.

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