Pinshape - The 3D Printing Community We've All Been Waiting For?
Mike Grauer Jr. | May 28,2014
The 3D printing market is lacking something important; a killer application. An application that is community focused and hardware agnostic. An application that’s focused on creativity and design. Back in the 80’s when personal c... Read More
Top 5 Funniest 3D Printed Designs
Dennis Mitzner | May 19,2014
Every now and then it’s good to let loose and seek for lighter sides of 3D printing. In addition to new machines, market forecasts and new medical innovations, 3D printing provides a plethora of previousl...
The Golden Age of 3D Printing: Your Fussy Fiancé...
Shanie Phillips | Apr 28,2014
If you, like me, love the concept of 3D printing but think that 3D printed goods typically made from ABS or PLA filament plastic look a bit tacky, then you’ll be keen to hear of the industry’s latest shiny deve...